Citizen access Portal

Welcome to the Citizen Portal made available by the Provincia di Lucca.
The Portal of the Citizen, wants to be the reference point for all citizens, even foreigners, who have received a report of infringement of the Highway Code and need support.
It is an effective communication tool, updated and always available, through which the Authority wishes to support and communicate with its citizens.

Through the Citizen’s Portal it is possible to:

  • View the proof of the infraction committed
  • Find answers to the most frequently asked questions
  • Contact the Police Command for any detailed information
  • Check the positioning of the control instrumentation
  • Check the approvals and the annual calibration certifications of the control devices
  • Have access to the regulations in force in terms of the Highway Code
  • Download all the necessary forms to forward communications and / or draw up appeals


Service Access

Here you can view or download the images and documents relating to the infringement


Here you can find all the necessary forms


Here you can find the indications on the positioning of the detection devices


Here you can find all the rules useful to manage your procedure


Here you can find the contact addresses of the institution


Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions